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7-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver5-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver3-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver9-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver8-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver 10-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver1-gypset-dress-boho-outfit-austin-boutique-la-hacienda-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverDRESS: Hacienda (similar VIX)  //  CLUTCH: Hacienda  //  EARRINGS: Kendra Scott  //  BOOTIES: similar Kenneth Cole // NECKLACE: Hacienda  //  LEATHER BRACELET: Hacienda  //  GUITAR STRING BRACELETS: Hacienda  //  SUNNIES:  similar Ray Ban

You know that awesome outfit you put together in your head and then totally forgot about? That’s exactly what happened with this blog post. I took these photos over a month ago as a lead up to ACL, and while this white maxi dress from Hacienda boutique in Austin may not be ideal for the cooler months, it’s just too gorgeous not to share. Comfortable, breezy and beautiful, this dress would be perfect for a gypset getaway over the holidays to the Mediterranean.

I absolutely love the intricate lace detailing along the dress and the flared, bohemian sleeves. The unexpected side slits are not only a fun surprise, but they also make walking much easier.  You can get the dress for yourself and more boho-chic accessories like this amazing leather tie dye purse at Hacienda boutique near Second Street in Austin.

Fair-well xx,



pitbull-awareness-plaid-vest-over-the-knee-boots-dog-blogger-lauren-vandiver-vandi-fair1-lucky-pitbull-awareness-puppy-milk-and-honey-boutique-plaid-vest-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverphoto 3 (2)5-pitbull-awareness-puppy-milk-and-honey-boutique-plaid-vest-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver12-pitbull-awareness-puppy-milk-and-honey-boutique-plaid-vest-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverphoto 4 (4)pitbull-awareness-puppy-milk-and-honey-boutique-plaid-vest-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverred-plaid-vest-milk-and-honey-boutique-blog-vandi-fair3-pitbull-awareness-dog-puppy-love-milk-and-honey-boutique-dallas-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverlucky-pitbull-awareness-puppy-milk-and-honey-boutique-plaid-vest-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverphoto 2 (3)VEST:  Milk & Honey Boutique  //  SKIRT: Milk  Honey Boutique  //  SWEATER:  similar Mango  //  NECKLACE: Kendra Scott  //   WATCH: Michael Kors  //  SUNGLASSES: similar Marc by Marc Jacobs  //  BOOTS: Nina (on sale!) //  BOW TIE: Baby Bow Tie

A little black cat named Mowgli may have my heart, but I’m actually a dog person (Mowgs just happens to act more dog-like than any other cat I’ve met).  I’ve always grown up with dogs we’d rescued from the local animal shelter, and the unconditional, selfless love a dog gives you is simply unlike anything else.  In honor of Pitbull Awareness month, I partnered with Milk & Honey Boutique and Baby Bow Tie to put together a post that speaks to the issue.

My boyfriend’s childhood dog had puppies a coupleo of years ago and he got to take one for himself. Being the superstitious type (he’s played baseball his whole life), he named his puppy Lucky, and I’ve also adopted him as my blonde furbaby too. While Lucky isn’t a pit bull, he is a reminder of the many dogs in shelters who need homes. Because they have been so misrepresented in the media, pit bulls make up many of those homeless animals. When they haven’t been in an abusive environments and trained to fight other animals, pit bulls are loving, sweet and good family dogs. I know from experience, dogs do a lot more rescuing for humans than we do for them. If you or your family is looking for a new furry little soul to add to your clan, consider a put bull.

As for my outfit, how amazing is this red plaid vest from Milk & Honey Boutique? I’m a big fan of the plaid trend for fall and also love layering so this piece achieves both. I recently was so excited to get a pair of over-the-knee boots this season, bur was afraid of how they’d look paired with a skirt. This pleated skirt from Milk & Honey Boutique is the perfect length to pair with them. I of course had to have Lucky clad in matching plaid. This adorable bow tie from Baby Bow Tie fit perfectly around Lucky’s collar and made him look as handsome as ever.

Fair-well xx,



Happy weekend! Here’s a glimpse of how I spent my last week through Instagramkate-spade-pink-purse-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigram.jpgKate Spade’s amazing sale brought back memories of this colorful summer post featuring one of my favorite bags.

spalsh-chat-colorful-bed-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigram.jpgSplash Media of Dallas invited me to be a co-host in Splash Chat – a monthly Twitter chat about various social media topics. This month’s topic was about “Personal branding”, so I got to join bloggers Helene Sula, Madalyn Sklar and Brian Fanzo on Tuesday for an hour long Twitter conversation about the subject. Not only did I get to interact with many amazing local fellow bloggers, but I also learned a few new things myself.

happy-necklace-daisy-sweater-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigram.jpgThis season’s school girl trend is totally in tune with my personal style. I’ve always leaned on the preppy side, and the new girly, 90’s throwback twist to this trend makes it so fun to style looks like these. Also, how amazing is this happy necklace? It adds instant playfulness to any look.

sunrise-beautiful-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigramIf you’re anything like me, waking up in the morning is a dreadful experience. It’s a rare day that I wake up and stay up after my first alarm goes off, but when I awoke to see this vision outside my window Tuesday morning, my feet hit the floor without hesitation. This beautiful, cotton candy sky brought this verse to mind:

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork.” Psalm 19:1

disney-cinderella-fairy-godmother-castle-teapot-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigram.jpgOkay, so my Disney movie obsession is obvious after this post, but it has also entered other phases of my life. I’m a huge supporter of afternoon tea, a hundreds-year-old British custom that traditionally happens between 4-6pm as a meal that provides the perfect pick-me-up. This Cinderella inspired teapot makes every sip a little more dreamy.

tartan-plaid-top-outift-instagram-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-vandigram.jpgAnother trend I love this season is plaid and tartan. I snagged this blue and green plaid top (similar) from Forever 21. It was the perfect update to my classic kaki trousers and cap-toe heels at the office. I’m also obsessed with this pearl choker necklace I recently snagged.

Fair-well xx,



1-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver30-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver5-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver21-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver23-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver9-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver4-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver16-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver22-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver20-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver2-milk-and-honey-boutique-pink-peplum-fashion-blog-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver PEPLUM TOP: Milk & Honey  //  COFFEE MUG: Ashley Brooke Designs  //  NECKLACE: Kendra Scott  //  SATCHEL: Rebecca Minkoff  //  STUD EARRINGS: Michael Kors  //  WATCH: Michael Kors  //  JEANS: Old Navy  //  BOOTS: similar DV BY Dolce Vita

One place you’ll probably never find me on the weekend is the mall. There are just so many other ways I’d rather spend my weekend than fighting the crowds at mainstream retailers beneath fluorescent lighting. While online shopping has become my go-to, when I come across a boutique I love, I am all about real life shopping. That’s why I’m so excited about Milk & Honey Boutique. With an amazing location in Dallas plus an online store featuring affordable fashion that you won’t find at retailers in the mall, they are my new favorite place to shop.

I got this pink textured peplum top from Milk & Honey, and I absolutely love it for fall. The silhouette is so flattering and the thick, tweed-like texture reminds me of a piece from Chanel. It’s great that white can be worn for fall and winter, because jeans simply don’t get much love in the spring and summer here in Texas. I paired the light pink top with my white jeans for a complimentary soft and feminine look. This Kendra Scott statement necklace was the perfect way to add some sparkle to the look and my gray boots helped bring out the pyrite stone in the necklace.  I threw my hair up in a low pony and curled it so it wouldn’t snag on the necklace or voluminous top.

This look is perfect for a day date or girl’s day at the cafe. And how adorable is this mug from Ashley Brooke Designs? More sugar, please!

Fair-well xx,



21-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver14-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver16-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver12-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver5-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver10-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver19-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver2-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver11-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver3-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver20-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiver7-happy-prep-necklace-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandivermilk-and-honey-bag-daisy-sweater-blogger-fashion-vandi-fair-lauren-vandiverSWEATER: Pink Basis  //  CHAMBRAY BUTTON UP:  Old Navy  //  NECKLACE: She Inside  //  BAG:  Milk & Honey Boutique  //  ASYMMETRICAL SKIRT: similar Nordstrom Rack  // STUD EARRINGS: Michael Kors  //  GOLD RING: Kendra Scott  //  BEADED RING: Kendra Scott  //  WATCH: Michael Kors  //  GLASSES: Derek Cardigan  //  SOCKS: Ralph Lauren  BOOTIES: similar Kenneth Cole

With plaid skirts, peekaboo socks and collared shirts everywhere, the school girl trend is huge for fall. To put my own spin on it, I used happy accessories and bright colors paired with structured prepster basics to create my own version of the look.

I started with this daisy sweater from Pink Basics paired over my staple chambray button up for a classic preppy collared look. My white asymmetrical skirt and peekaboo socks were the perfect compliments to the vivid white daisys.  I absolutely love this bag from Milk & Honey boutique – it can fit anything and the warm brown color is perfect for fall.  My brown booties added height to the look and wide rimmed glasses added a dose of nerdy chic to the look.  I tied a bow around my low ponytail to add one more girly touch to the school girl look. Even on a Monday, this happy necklace is certain to add a pep to your step and I love the fun statement it made with this look.

Fair-well xx,