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vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-beauty-blogger-my-nightly-routine-target-sweetspot-labs-on-the-go-wipes-gentle-wash-skincare-tips-tricks-4 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-beauty-blogger-my-nightly-routine-target-sweetspot-labs-on-the-go-wipes-gentle-wash-skincare-tips-tricks-10 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-beauty-blogger-my-nightly-routine-target-sweetspot-labs-on-the-go-wipes-gentle-wash-skincare-tips-tricks-3vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-beauty-blogger-my-nightly-routine-target-sweetspot-labs-on-the-go-wipes-gentle-wash-skincare-tips-tricks-11vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-beauty-blogger-my-nightly-routine-target-sweetspot-labs-on-the-go-wipes-gentle-wash-skincare-tips-tricksAs a full-time blogger, my weeks are far from routine. With photoshoots, brand meetings, events and travel, no two days are the same, so it’s important to at least have at least a little routine in my day to day. Today I’m sharing my nightly routine and how SweetSpot Labs is making it even easier to maintain my nightly ritual, no matter if I’m home or on the road.

Get Squeaky Clean… I grew up in a family where mornings weren’t our favorite. It was a major struggle for my mom to get us all out of bed each morning (I remember literally kicking and yelling sometimes – and this was in high school y’all), so my mom started giving us baths at night from an early age. Flash forward to now, and I still prefer to shower at night. SweetSpot Labs has quickly become my go-to for that squeaky clean feeling no matter what.

What I love about SweetSpot Labs is that it’s specifically formulated with gentle ingredients and the right pH for women. Most cleansing products contain harsh ingredients like glycerin, which can cause major irritation for women! Any sort of irritation is the last thing I want to wake up to after my nightly shower. SweetSpot Labs is glycerin-free and safe for use all over (gynecologist recommended, just saying that makes me blush, but you ladies know what I mean!).

The SweetSpot Labs Gentle Wash is perfect for a luxurious, effective shower after a long day. It comes in the yummiest scents – Grapefruit Verbana, Vanilla Blossom and Neroli Mandarin (I tried the Vanilla Blossom – smells SO good!). I love how the wash is so versatile it works triple-duty thanks to the unique 97% natural formula. Its coconut base gently cleanses from head to toe while emollient oils moisturize the skin. You can even use it as a shaving cream! It has special ingredients that soften skin and hair, making shaving easier. Hello silky smooth legs and goodbye irritation!

…Even When I’m Exhausted! Okay so I’ll admit that I don’t shower every single night, and sometimes even after a workout (and as a night owl, my work outs are almost always in the evenings), I find myself simply too exhausted to spend 15 minutes to take a shower, and go through my entire nighttime ritual of washes, creams, etc. Thankfully, for those nights when I can’t even make it into the bathroom before bed, SweetSpot Labs has their On-The-Go Wipes so I can easily wipe down any sweat on my body from my workouts and go to bed with that sticky-free, fresh feeling with minimum effort.

Like the wash, the wipes are made for women and safe to use all over.  They’re made from 98% natural ingredients and infused with “good for you” extracts like aloe, cucumber, pineapple and cranberry. They come in the same three yummy scents as the Gentle Wash (the Vanilla Blossom is my favorite, but the Neroli Mandarin comes in at a close second, especially for summer!). The wipes are available in both large packages to keep at home and the On-The-Go Wipettes, which come with individualized packets in all three scents and are perfect for your purse. When I’m traveling or on-the-go, I grab a Wipette for a quick refresh anywhere I need to keep squeaky clean in between showers. These wipes along your favorite dry shampoo are a must for you busy ladies!

Take Off My Jewelry. The first thing I want to take off after a long day of shooting is my jewelry. If you follow me on Snapchat (username = laurenvandiver), you may have seen the magic mirror I got as an early birthday gift from my Gigi. I’m not the most organized person, but this over the door hanging jewelry armoire that doubles as a mirror is already changing my life. Of all the accessories and clothes I have as a blogger, the easiest thing for me to misplace is my jewelry, so having an organization tool that allows me to take off my jewelry in an easy, organized way each night is absolutely essential.

Furbaby Snuggles. One thing that’s always part of my nightly routine is snuggles with my furbaby Lucky. Whether I get home and call it a day before Cole or not, Lucky is always there to greet me at the door with so much love he cannot even contain himself. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, he’s always in the mood for some feel-good snuggles. This is perhaps my favorite part of my nightly routine.

Wine-d Down. I’ll admit it – I’m a certified wine-o. Not only do I enjoy the taste, but it also helps me unplug and unwind each night. Working in social media, it can be hard to put my phone and laptop away even for 30 minutes to watch a TV show or enjoy dinner with my guy. A glass of red wine helps me to relax, destress, and focus on the important things like quality time with my little family.

You can find all of the SweetSpot Labs products at Target online or at your local Target store.


WASH: SweetSpot Gentle Wash  //  WIPES: SweetSpot On The Go Wipes  //  TRAVEL WIPES: SweetSpot On-The-Go Wipettes  //  Jewelry Armoire Mirror  //  Flamingo Print   //  Palm Leaf Pillow



A huge thank you to SweetSpot Labs for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Fair-well xx,



vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthdayDRESS  //  SHOES  //  SUNNIES  //  EARRINGS

It’s official y’all – I’m another year older. Today is my 26th birthday and to celebrate, I’m reviewing the highlights of my quarter life year (it was a good one!). Since I was just a tiny bit occupied over New Year’s Eve (it was our wedding night), I didn’t get a chance to do a 2015 in review post (I did do one in 2014 though which you can see here!), so instead, and since I’m born almost exactly at the half-year point, I’m reviewing my 25th year.

Side note – when I started writing this post, I went into a mini depression because I found it so hard to come up with more than just a few highlights, but then I remembered that there’s one highlight that sort of took up half of my 25th year – I spent exactly half of the year consumed in wedding planning, so I felt a little better, and jotted down my highlight reel.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-211. I married the love of my life.

Because my mind doesn’t work in and ordered, chronological way, this list isn’t in any particular order, but this one simply had to be first. The most important thing that occurred in my 25th year (and in my entire life thus far) was becoming Mrs. Lauren Vandiver Green. Six months into marriage, God has shown me what a blessing marriage is, and that it’s a blessing worth fighting for, each and every day. I absolutely love being Cole’s wife and our wedding day was more perfect than I could have ever imagined. You can check out the video from our wedding + a giant round up of photos here.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-322. Cole and I celebrated our 8 year dating anniversary (minus one).

I promise I won’t nauseate you with a bunch of lovey dovey dating/marriage stuff about me and Cole (don’t worry – I have a blog post slotted for that!), but celebrating 8 years since we officially began dating on August 13th (for those of you who may not know, we went on a necessary 1-year soul-searching hiatus after 5 years of dating). I was just 18 when we began dating, so he and I have experienced the very best and worst times of our lives together and I wouldn’t trade any of it.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-13MUG  //  TRAY

3. SO many of my very best friends got engaged (like 5 of them!) 

It’s so cool to see your besties find their Prince Charming and go through the engagement/wedding planning experience. My 26th year promises to be one full of bachelorette trips, showers and weddings and I CANNOT WAIT for it!!

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-254. I went full-time with this bloggy blog of mine. 

Making the decision to leave my job as a copywriter and PR coordinator at Fossil was a tough one and truly a leap of faith. I loved my team at Fossil and my job there, but I realize din October of last year that I was drowning in responsibilities with my blog and wedding planning, With the support and encouragement of Cole and my family, I took the jump, said a lot of prayers and crossed my fingers. It was one of the best decisions I ever made! PS  if you like my office, you can take a full tour + shop it here.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-2SATIN ROBE

5. I wedding planned and planned and planned.

I learned so much about wedding planning in my year of being engaged that I have a full blog post scheduled on it next month, but in the meantime, you can read this little post I did about things no one tells you about getting engaged here.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-156. Cole and I honeymooned in beautiful Los Cabos.

Our honeymoon was so cool because it was truly our first trip we’d ever taken for just the two of us. As travel newbies, we learned some lessons along the way

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-306. I had the most magical Disney bachelorette celebration.

I’ll spare you the details on this one because I did a giant blog post on it, which you can read here. It was MAGIC y’all!

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-17. Cole and I moved into our first home together.

Moving in together was the BEST.THING.EVER. No longer did we have to fight to see each other or pack bags. Cole and I are opposites in a lot of ways, which makes us really good roommates. We’re looking to buy our very first home here soon and I am so excited – stay tuned for that!


8. I went to the RewardStyle conference.

Fun fact – this was actually my third time at the RewardStyle Conference, but my first as a blogger. In my days working for Kendra Scott, I went to the inaugural conference and the one after that to represent the brand, and it was SO cool to get to go as a blogger. I pinched myself when I got my invitation!

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-35TEE //  JEANS  //  FLATS

9. Officially became a family with Cole (and Lucky’s mom!)

So many people ask me now “how’s married life” and I I first say that it’s wonderful and then say that it’s honestly not all that different because Cole and I dated for so long before, but when I truly think about it, it is so much different. We are a truly a family now, and I feel that in everything from the way we kiss now to the way we fight.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthdayTOP  //  SKIRT  //  SANDALS  //  CUFF  //  SUNNIES

10. Celebrated Two Years of Blogging.

I recently celebrated my two year blogiversary with a post explaining 24 things you may not know about me, which you can read here. It still baffles me to think of how far this little blog has come since then and I cannot wait to see what the next two years have in store.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-311. Ran the Disney Princess Half Marathon for the second time.

Okay so this actually happened at the beginning of 2015 when I was still 24, but I had to include it in here because it was simply epic. My little brother, sister, Cole and I all dressed as Frozen characters and ran 13.1 miles through Walt Disney World. My brother and I ended up running it together while Tiffany and Cole stayed together, and it was truly an incredible experience and a memory we’ll never forget. We loved it so much, in fact, that my entire family will be returning this November for the Wine and Dine Half. Stay tuned for lots of photos from that.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-36EARRINGS  //  DRESS

12. Went on my first blogging trip.

In December, I was asked to spend a weekend in Vegas to experience The Cromwell Hotel with some other fellow bloggers and I had the most amazing time. It was so cool to meet bloggers from different parts of the US like Chris and Brock from Yummertime (the most adorable duo ever y’all!), Kendi from Kendi Everyday, Krystal from This Time Tomorrow, follow, Steven Onoja and Eddie and Angeline from His + Hers. You can read all about my experience here.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-413. Cole and I went on our first family ski trip together.

My family has been skiing every spring break since before I was born, and this year Cole finally got to go on the annual trip (he’s played baseball his whole life so spring break was non-existent). And now he’s officially hooked. He was the first on the slopes and the last to come in every day, so I think it’s safe to say it will officially be an annual thing for the two of us.


14. Celebrated one of my besties and fellow blogger babes in beautiful Costa Rica.

This just happened a few weeks ago, and you can see the full round up here, but it was definitely a highlight of my 25th year and makes me soooo excited for all of the bachelorette festivities to come in my 26th year for my other besties who are engaged.

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-blogger-25-for-25-things-that-happened-year-in-review-26-birthday-38TOP  //  SHORTS  //  WEDGES  //  SUNNIES  //  EARRINGS //  BAG

15. Fully immersed myself as a Dallas blogger.

When I began blogging, I was Austin-based and planned to be living there for the foreseeable future. When I moved to Dallas for Cole’s job, I was thrown into wedding planning mode, so I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself in the Dallas blogging scene. The last several months, I’ve made it a priority to attend as many Dallas blogger events as I can and get to know some of the Dallas bloggers and I’m absolutely loving it.


So go ahead and bring it on 26, I’m ready for ya!

Fair-well xx,



vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-9vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-2 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-5vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklacevandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-1vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-4vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-12vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-11 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-nordstrom-wear-to-work-felicity-and-coco-lace-shift-dress-blue-periwinkle-baublebar-seaglass-bib-necklace-6

Today I’m bring you another wear to work look from my favorite place to find professional-chic staples, Nordstrom. When it comes to buying professional wear, I always look for pieces that are versatile enough to also wear after work, so when I spotted this blue lace shift dress, I knew it would be a perfect go-to take me from brand meetings to date night.

A couple of weeks ago, I shared this wear to work look featuring a pleated maxi skirt and top. It probably goes without saying, but I’m much more of a skirts and dresses kind of girl when it comes to workwear (unless it’s a casual Friday, jeans kind of day at the office). When it comes to shopping for office appropriate dresses, you want to find something that’s modest but still chic, so a shift dress like this or a classic A-line dress will always do the trick. You can shop more of my favorite wear to work dresses below.


Now let’s talk about this shift dress. One of the first things that drew me in was the gorgeous periwinkle blue color. I also loved the detail of the lace and the way it gives an illusion effect on the sleeves to add a little modern flair, while still keeping it conservative enough for the office. I was even more stunned about the quality of the lace when it came in the mail. The lace overlay is thick and high-quality, but the dress features a lightweight, soft material beneath so it’s still easy breezy enough to wear in the summer.

To style the dress, I started with this gorgeous (and oh so lightweight!) pink bib necklace by BaubleBar to create a pastel, feminine color combination. I continued the color combo by adding a carryall satchel by Kate Spade New York in the same light pink hue. There’s nothing as fierce a classic pair of pointed toe pumps, so I topped the look off with these studded t-strap pumps in the same rosy hue (similar here).

Shop more of Nordstrom’s wear to work essentials here. And speaking of Nordstrom, make sure you write down the dates of their upcoming Anniversary Sale! Early access for Nordstrom card holders will begin on July 14th and access to all will start on July 22nd. I cannot wait!


DRESS: Felicity and Coco Lace Shift Dress  //  STATEMENT NECKLACE: Seaglass Bib Necklace  //  MONOGRAM NECKLACE: similar Moon & Lola Acrylic Monogram Necklace  //  BAG: similar Kate Spade New York Emerson Lane Gail Satchel  //  SUNGLASSES: Karen Walker  //  PUMPS: similar Kate Spade New York Julianna Pointy Toe Pump  //  BRACELETS: Bourbons and Boweties  //  EARRINGS: Kendra Scott Rogan Pearl Stud Earrings

A huge thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Fair-well xx,



vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-bootiesvandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-1 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-7vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-3vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-4vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-6 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-12vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-filly-flair-womens-online-boutique-breakfast-at-tiffanys-floral-red-rose-print-keyhole-dress-uptown-girl-lace-up-booties-9

One of my favorite things about the internet? Online shopping! While you’ll rarely find me at a shopping mall, I love finding unique online shopping boutiques like the source of today’s flirty little outfit, Filly Flair.

I’ve always adored boutique shopping, especially when traveling to a new place, because you’re always certain to find something unique. An online boutique like Filly Flair allows you to have that same experience from the comfort of your desk (or bed if you’re a weekend or late night laptop shopper like me.) Filly Flair has hundreds of hard-to-find tops, dresses, accessories and more, and they even have an entire line of pieces exclusive to Filly Flair, like the adorable floral dress I’m wearing today. What I love even more? Their clothing is super affordable – this dress, for example is just $40, and can talk about these amazing lace up sandals? Only $38 full price – amazing!

Now let’s talk about this dress. I was at first drawn to the dress because of the bright, poppy red floral print, but I loved it even more when I discovered the crochet cut out detail. The material is also lightweight enough for hot summer days and the length makes it appropriate enough for Sunday morning church but still flirty enough for date night. As I mentioned, Filly Flair also carries an amazing selection of shoes and accessories and I immediately fell in love with this pair of lace up sandals. From the lace up detail to the block heel and little cut outs, I had to have them and I couldn’t even believe how incredible the price was.

Be sure to check out Filly Flair’s entire collection of unique, affordable and oh-so-chic fashion finds at their online boutique. 

You can shop my entire look by clicking on the links below. Happy weekend loves!

A huge thank you to Filly Flair for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.


DRESS: Filly Flair Breakfast at Tiffany’s Dress  //  SHOES: Filly Flair Uptown Girl Lace Up Booties  //  CLUTCH: similar From St. Xavier  //  NECKLACE: Courtney Ray Mallory Pendant // EARRINGS:Kendra Scott Rogan Pearl Stud Earrings  //  BRACELETS: Bourbons and Boweties + Alex & Ani  //  SUNNIES: Karen Walker

Fair-well xx,



vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-10 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-5 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-3 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-6vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-14 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-baublebar-extra-large-acrylic-block-monogram-necklacevandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-12vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-1vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-7vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-baublebar-extra-large-acrylic-block-monogram-necklace-1 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-4vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-2 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-fashion-blogger-free-people-to-the-left-embroidered-off-the-shoulder-top-vigoss-tomboy-thompson-destroyed-skinny-jeans-8

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen this darling, embroidered off the shoulder top more than once. That’s because I’m absolutely in love with it. Aside from the off the shoulder silhouette (which you already know I adore) of the top, the colorful floral embroidery is just stunning and the material is softer than you could ever imagine, so I simply had to share it with you all here on Vandi Fair.

I think I’ve probably said enough about the top, but you should also know that it comes in a white color with beautiful blue embroidery, which you can find here (and I may just have to get that one too!). To style the embroidered off the shoulder top, I started with my go-to destroyed white skinny jeans. Y’all – I can’t say enough about this pair of white skinnies. First of all, they are just $59. Second, they are so easy to roll up so you can wear your lace up sandals like I did here and they also have just the right amount of rippage. Also, I personally prefer my white jeans to be purely white so I can bleach them if needed (hey, I’m messy and white will always get dirty when I wear it).

To accessorize the look, I started with these adorable pom pom lace up sandals I just got for only $35 and you can get an additional 10% off w/ code VANDI10 at checkout. I finished off the look with my latest pair of Karen Walker designer sunnies from Shop Ditto. You can also get designer sunnies delivered to your doorstep once a month for just $24 + get your first month FREE with code VANDIFAIR at checkout. Sign up here!

That’s all for now loves. Wishing everyone a wonderful week!

PS – who else is excited about the Nordstrom Sale happening in just a few weeks?! My FAVE shopping event of the year! Keep posted here on the blog to catch all the best deals in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.


TOP: Free People To The Left Off The Shoulder Embroidered Top  //  JEANS: Vigoss Thompson Boyfriend Destroyed Skinny Jeans  //  NECKLACE: BaubleBar Extra Large Acrylic Block Monogram Necklace  //  SUNNIES: Karen Walker  //  SANDALS: Solewish Tamara Black Pom Pom Heels //  CLUTCH: similar From St. Xavier  //  PINEAPPLE CUP: Sunnylife  //  EARRINGS:Kendra Scott Rogan Pearl Stud Earringsfollow

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