5 Reasons Siblings Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

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Happy Hump Day! Today is my little sister Tiffany’s birthday, but both my sister and my little brother, Jayson, have September birthdays, so I thought it would be the perfect time to show a little sibling love here on the blog. Having been an only child for a mere two years of my life, I both literally and figuratively couldn’t imagine my life without my siblings. The three of us have had our ups and downs, but we have always been extremely close through it all and they’ve had such a huge impact on my life and who I am today. So in honor of my sibs, today I’m sharing five reasons why siblings are simply the best!!

Whether you’re a sister like me who’s going through a tough time with your sibling (hey, I’ve been there) or you’re a parent thinking about adding another addition, click through to read my top 5 reasons why siblings are one of God’s greatest gifts!!

Side Note – no, our puppies haven’t shrunk. The other reason I simply had to share this post is because another set of siblings who very much love each other, my puppy Lady and my parent’s puppy Shadow, look so darn cute in these photos and I don’t know how or why I never shared them before! These were taken all the way back in February so they were just two months old. Ahh – where has time gone?!

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vandi fair brother sister vandi fair brother sister

PS – this post has made me realized that I  MUST force my little brother Jayson to take photos with me because he never ever wants to and I had such a hard time finding any photos of us from the last couple of years!! But here are a few. 🙂


Lately, Cole and I have started talking about the future of our own family, which is another reason I’ve got my wheels spinning about siblings. Cole wants 3 kids, and I want 3-4, mostly because I couldn’t imagine life without my brother and sister. So without any further ado, here’s my top reasons why siblings are the best thing since sliced bread.

1 – They Help Your People Skills

According to studies I found while helping my sister write  writing (she did pay me though!) her research paper on “birth order and how it affects personality“, much of our personality that makes us who we are is developed within the first five years of our lives (the said situation being evidence for that). Therefore, whether or not you have a sibling and the order in which you fall in your family has a huge impact on who you become as an adult. Our brothers and/or sisters are the first peers that we ever communicate with, and we spend a whole lotta time with them too. From the very beginning, our siblings help us develop communication skills and relationship skills that will forever impact our lives. Being the oldest child in my family definitely shaped not only my entire childhood, but who I am today, both for the better and worse (my husband Cole is an oldest child too so we miiight butt heads every now and then). I’ve also always known that having two older sisters greatly impacted my little brother Jayson. As a child, he was always so sweet and affectionate with my mom and us girls when other little boys were afraid to be, and now as a junior in college, he is the sweetest boyfriend (Tiffany and I make sure of that).


2 – They’re Always There When You Need The Real Truth

Disclaimer – before I post many of my photos on instagram, I send them over to Tiffany so she can give me the real truth on whether or not it’s post-able. The truth is, no one is better at telling us the truth than our siblings. Whether it’s the welcome truth of learning you have lipstick on your teeth or the not-so-welcome truth that you’ve gained a few pounds, you can always count on your brother and.or sister to shoot it to ya straight. 


3 – You’re Forever Part of a Team

We all know that it’s human nature to want to belong to a group or team, and having siblings, whether it’s one or 10,  makes you a part of a team from the very beginning. Whether need someone to share the blame with when you’re in trouble with mom and dad or trying something new on a family vacation for the first time, no one else can understand how you feel except for your teammates…AKA your siblings.


4 – They Always Have Your Back

Being a part of that sibling team also makes siblings the very best protectors and defenders that we’ll ever have. Sure, I can poke fun at my sister or brother when I want to, but the second anyone else does, my guard immediately goes up. Conversely, I always know Tiffany and Jayson will have my back in any and every situation. There’s an unexplainable bond established between siblings who grow up in the same home together, and that bond is unique to any other we’ll ever share in our lives. In the same notion, we always know our secrets are safe with each other. In fact, there are things my sister and I have shared with each other that no one else on this planet knows, and I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that they’ll forever share a sacred and secret place in her heart.

5 – They Give You Unbiased Advice

If I ever need advice without any bias (because let’s be honest, sometimes our parents are a little too bias in our favor), I know I can go to Tiffany or Jayson and hear advice without any agenda behind it. Whether my brother is looking for ideas on what to get his girlfriend or I need advice on whether or not I should quit my 9-5 and go all in on blogging, we know we can go to each other when we need advice or simply a listening ear.


I could honestly go on and on about why siblings are the greatest thing to ever happen to you, whether you grew up in the same house, or you have friends who you grew up with that are so close they’re like siblings. I simply don’t know what we’d do without each other and I’m so happy God blessed with my two siblings and teammates, Tiffany and Jayson.

Fair-well xx,

–Photography by Angie Garcia Photography.

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    Ariana Waldrep
    October 7, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    I don’t know what I would do without my sister! We’ve both always kind of wished for a brother too just to add more fun to the mix but I love having a little sister! I love being an older sister! We’re SO different from each other in so many ways and not interested in a lot of the same things as the other BUT sometimes there’s things that only she will get. Like literally nobody else in the world could understand or she knows my unfiltered self! Because we all slightly filter in front of people who aren’t our family and she knows truly who I am and understands our family, things other people won’t! I love having a sibling and honestly don’t think I would have survived being an only child!

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