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How To Organize Your Sunglasses



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Just look at a few of my posts and you’ll know – this girl is obsessed with accessories. From jewelry to handbags and everything in between, I love to add a little sparkle or color to my outfit, and one of my favorite ways to accessorize is with my sunglasses (which I often refer to as my sunnies, for short). Over the last couple of years of blogging, I’ve grown quite the collection of sunglasses and up until now, I’ve never had a way to store them in an organized fashion – which is why I’m SO excited to introduce you to OYOBox. Sunglass lovers rejoice! OYOBox is here to change yo life with their gorgeous collection of luxury eyewear organizers that not only keep your sunglasses safe, they also look really pretty in your home! And what’s even better? I’m teaming up with the company to give one lucky winner an OYOBox Mini!

Click through to learn more about these amazing sunglass organizers and stay tuned to my instagram today for a chance to enter to WIN an OYOBox for yourself!

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There’s something about getting married and having your first home (we’re renting ours currently, but it’s still a first!) that just makes you want to host a party. I remember being so excited to host our first party at our home, spending hours planning everything from the decor to the food and beverages. Since we’re coming upon the time in Texas where it’s actually enjoyable to spend a day or evening outdoors (it’s just too hot in the summer, y’all!), today I’m so excited to be partnering up with my friends at Noonday Collection to share some ideas on hosting a sweet weekend gathering.

Click through for more party inspiration + learn more about the amazing, socially responsible jewelry Brand, Noonday Collection, and find out how you can host a party of your own.

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vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-12SHOP THE POST

CANDLES: Votivo   //  BARCART: Target  //  BANANA LEAF PAINTING: Kimberlee Artworks  //  FLAMINGO ART PRINT: CatCoq  //  DALMATION ART PRINT: Etsy  //  MIRRORED TRAY: Macy’s  //  MATCHES: Anthropologie  //  PINEAPPLE TRAY: Anthropologie  //  PINEAPPLE CANDLE HOLDER: similar Anthropologie  //  PITCHER: Anthropologie

Confession: this Southern girl loves candles as much as the next, but my husband Cole is absolutely obsessed with them. When we were registering for our wedding, the number one thing he cared about was which candles we would register for (I’m serious!) All this is to say that my husband and I (but mostly Cole) are very particular about our candles, and after burning these beauties in our home for the last few weeks, we’d like to introduce you to our new favorite brand: Votivo Candles. Make your way to the bottom of this post to find out why and find out how you can win a candle set featuring the brand’s newest fragrance!

vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-2 vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-8vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-1vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-17vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-15 vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-18 vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-pucker-up-pink-1vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-youthful-yellowvandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-caipirinha-limevandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-13vandi-fair-dallas-fashion-blog-lauren-vandiver-southern-texas-blogger-interior-home-votivo-candles-bar-cart-decor-island-grapefruit

Firs things first, let’s talk about how you can enter to win an aromatic candle, reed and travel tin in Caipirinha Lime (their newest fragrance and an $84 value!) Tonight, August 16th, I’ll be posting a photo on my instagram where you’ll find the simple steps to enter the contest. I’ll be selecting three winners and you’ll have one week to enter the contest. The contest ends at midnight CST on Tuesday, August 23rd and the winner will be announced later that week. Good luck loves!

Now back to why we love these candles so much. We had the pleasure of trying several of their amazing scents – all of them are oh-so-yummy and have that amazing effect of spreading their beautiful aroma throughout your home! My personal favorite was their new scent, Caipirinha Lime. I expected your typical citrus-smelling scent, but it was so much more than that! Inspired by the flavors and rhythms of Rio, the city where the 2016 Olympics is currently being held, this scent is so flavorful and perfect parts sweet and zesty. The scent is created with hints of citrus and lime peel mixed with muddled sugar cane and mint sprigs (umm can I also have those ingredients in an adult beverage please?!) It’s hard to describe scents in words, but I can promise you this is one of those candle scents that anyone would enjoy. SO amazing!

A few of our other favorites – Youthful Yellow is a fresh, clean blend of vanilla, orange blossom and jasmine – perfect for any season in any room of your home. Our favorite for the fall/winter was the Red Currant – a warm blend of lush, earthy green notes, tart citrus, cassis, tropical fruit and musk. My personal favorite (besides the Caipirinha Lime) was the Pucker Up Pink, which we tried in a reed diffuser (which I’m a huge fan of). This is a bright, girlie scent that combines strawberries, gardenia, mimosa, and sandalwood – it’s the perfect gift for your best gal pal.

**A huge thank you to Votivo for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Fair-well xx,




vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-colorful-minnie-mouse-mug-ears-outfitvandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-cinderella-little-mermaid-wall-art-collage-1vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-chip-mug-cinderella-journalvandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-chip-mug-cinderella-journal-1vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-cinderella-little-mermaid-wall-art-collage-2 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-quest-design-canada-disneyland-world-plaque-replicavandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-colorful-up-casetify-phone-case-tsum-tsum-pencil-bagvandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-blogger-disney-desk-style-home-office-decor-interiors-finding-dori-mug

Today I’m SO excited to be partnering up with Disney Style again, this time to showcase my Disney desk style here at my home office. You can check out the full feature on Disney Style here, but I was so tickled I just had to share some of the photos here on Vandi Fair too.

In the feature, I go in detail on how our home office became my little space to decorate as girly, colorful and Disney-inspired as I pleased (don’t worry – Cole has his man space in our home too!)

As a full-time blogger, I spend a lot of time in my office, so I decorated it with things that make both make me happy and inspire me – and Disney is one of those things that does both. Read more about how I tastefully incorporated Disney touches into my home office here.

You can shop all of the little Disney touches in my office below.


Fair-well xx,



colorful home officeminted flamingo art printcolorful home decor office colorful art galleryhustle wall artvandi fair officedisney art gallery minted wall artdisney wall gallery

Today I’m starting a new series on the blog called “At Home” where I will share each of the rooms in our new home, starting with my cheery and colorful home office. Now that Cole and I have had a few months to settle in after the wedding, we are slowly getting every room in our home finished, and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

But first, let me give you a chance to begin your dream wall collage like the one seen in my office with a $250 giveaway!



As a girl who loves fashion, it’s not hard to see why interiors comes in at a close second as another passion of mine. When Cole and I moved in together, I knew it would be hard to combine my ultra-girly, colorful style with his manly preferences, so we started by designating one room in the house for us each that we could completely make our own. Our home is only two bedrooms, so I called dibs on the extra bedroom to transform into an office while he took over our second living room area (details on that room to come later).

If you’ve seen my bedroom from my apartment that I shared over a year ago here on Vandi Fair, then you may see some familiar items I incorporated into my home office. My personal style in fashion is reflected directly into my decorating style – colorful, feminine and with just a touch of Disney. I knew I wanted a white desk to start with since so much of my accents are so bright. I found this L-shaped swivel desk at Wayfair and I absolutely loved the versatility the swivel added and the extra storage space it provided, without looking too stuffy. The next thing I looked for was an area rug. Our bedrooms have white carpet, so they beg for a bit of color pop. I was so excited to find this blue ikat rug (similar here) and knew it would be the perfect statement in the room. Finally, I knew I’d need some extra storage space, so I found this white shelf to arrange more of my decorative items and this amazing clothing rack to hang  and organize my clothes and accessories for blogging purposes.

Next on the list was decorating the walls. Our first home is a rental home, so since we can’t paint the walls, I knew I wanted to fill them with color with a beautiful wall gallery. Minted is the perfect place to start when it comes to creating your ultimate wall gallery. With thousands of unique prints that are available in an array of sizes and frame options, it was a great place to find some staples for my wall gallery.

As for the rest, I incorporated desk essentials and trinkets of mine that just make me happy. This is the room where the magic all happens for the blog, afterall (and I spend a whole lot of time in it), so I may as well make it the happiest place in our home.

Shop my home office style, broken down by furniture, wall art and decor below!


DESK: Wayfair  //  BLUE IKAT RUG: similar Pier 1 Imports  //  SHAG RUG: Wayfair //  CHAIR: similar Wayfair  //  WHITE SHELF: Macy’s //  GARMENT RACK: Wayfair


DALMATIAN STAPLER: Anthropologie  //  ELEPHANT TRINKET DISH: Target  //  CHIP MUG: Amazon  //  BLUE VASE: Anthropologie  //  FAUX FUR PILLOW: Anthropologie  //  HEART TRINKET DISH: Kate Spade  //  ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK: Amazon  //  COFFE MUG: Kate Spade  //  POM POM BASKET: Anthropolgie  //  HOUR GLASS: Anthropologie  //  PINEAPPLE PAPERCLIP DISH: Anthropologie


FLORAL PRINT: Minted Peony Bottle Art Print  //  GLASSES PRINT: Minted Lookin’ Good Art Print  // FLAMINGO PRINT: Minted Flamingo Road Art Print  //  MAGNIFIQUE PRINT: Minted Magnifique Art Print  //  DALMATIAN PRINT: Etsy  //  CINDERELLA PRINT: Disney’s Cinderella Lithograph Set  //  LITTLE MERMAID PRINT: Disney’s Little Mermaid Lithograph Set  //  V LETTER: Nordstrom LED Letter Light  //  TINKERBELL PRINT: PosterPal  //  GEOMETRIC MIRROR: similar Nordstrom  //  HEART BULLETIN BOARD: Nordstrom  //  ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND CALENDAR: Anthropologie  //  HUSTLE WALL SIGN:  The Duo Studio

Fair-well xx,