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Make Like A Leaf and Embrace Change

multi color striped sweater


HAIR PRODUCTS: c/o Herbal Essences  //  SWEATER: Free People  // CORDUROY SKIRT: Boohoo  //  EARRINGS: BaubleBar  //  BOOTS: Vince Camuto

Fall has finally officially arrived down in Texas, y’all (I felt leaves actually crunching when I was walking in our yard this weekend!) Fall is a wonderful (and welcome!) reminder that change is not only a part of nature, but also that it can be an absolutely beautiful thing. As wonderfully beautiful as change can be though, it can also be difficult. That’s why I’m so excited to team up with my friends at Herbal Essences to talk about embracing change by expressing yourself for all the world to see…through your hair!

Click on the read more button below to find out how major hair styling decisions have helped me gain confidence and embrace change and check out an amazing video that Herbal Essences has put together to help inspire you to do the same!

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The One Thing You Need at Every Tailgate

easy tailgate food


SALSA: c/o La Casita Hot Sauce  //  CHIPS: c/o La Casita Chips  //  ROMPER: Socialite  //  BLUE JEAN JACKET: similar KUT From The Cloth  //  SUNNIES: Karen Walker  //  EARRINGS: c/o Virgins Saints and Angels  //  BELT: c/o Raina Belts  //  BANDANA: Madewell  //  BOWL: c/o MacKenzie-Childs

Happy Friday friends!! I’ve been SO excited about sharing this post with you all, and given that tomorrow is the ultimate game day for every Texas fan, the TX-OU game, I thought today would be the perfect time to introduce La Casita Chips and Salsa, a delicious and easy tailgate appetizer! It’s ironic that this post follows one where I talked about how I got started blogging, because the owner/founder of La Casita, Veronica Westlake, (who is also a mega-inspiring #girlboss!) just so happens to be my fourth grade teacher, and was the very first person who recognized and inspired my love for writing. Flash forward 18 years and now the teacher who was such a huge influence on my journey to blogging has turned one of her passions into a business, and the results are delicious. As a girl who’s lived all of her life in Texas, I know a thing or two when it comes to good chips and salsa, and the La Casita hot sauce and chips is absolutely the BEST!

Click on the read more button below to find out why La Casita hot sauce and chips are an absolute must-have at your next tailgate or football watching party.

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VF HEART-TO-HEART: My Blog Journey + Blogging Advice

fall 2017 outfit idea

Happy Thursday friends!! As I sit at my desk trying to tackle my 150+ emails in my inbox, confirming holiday brand collaborations, signing contracts and doing all of the other things that allow me to make my blog a business (which I am absolutely grateful beyond words for!), I came across the sweetest email from a young girl who shares the same passions as I do…

“I am 14 years old and my mom showed me your Instagram! I thought it was amazing! I absolutely loved it; I am very interested in doing the same thing or something similar to what you’re doing! I was wondering how you got started and if you had any suggestions for me! I absolutely LOVE fashion and I love to write as well!” -Gracie

As I began writing back to her, I had to pause for a moment. While my blog is now also my way of making an income, at the heart of it all, it is the fruition of the same dream I had when I was Gracie’s age. Because I am a “yes” person (and an extreme optimist who, at times, believes there is infinite hours in the day), I often find myself with little time or room in my editorial calendar to write about things on a whim, to share spur-of-the-moment thoughts on the happenings in my life and this world, and most of all, to answer questions and directly connect with YOU, the people who actually allow me to make my dream a reality each and every day (and who I am also SO extremely grateful for!!)

So thank you, sweet Gracie, for your email that not only turned around my morning, but has inspired me to create a new series on the blog in which I can get back to writing from the heart, without any sponsorships or affiliate links.

So here it goes, my first-ever heart-to-heart with you all.

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Our Guest Bedroom Reveal

blue and white bedroom decor


MATTRESS: c/o Mattress Firm Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plush //  BEDDING: Anthropologie  //  RUG: c/o Rugs USA  //  LAMPS: Safavieh  //  HEADBOARD: Willa Arlo  //  BAR CART: c/o The Barcartist  //  BLUE & WHITE THROW PILLOWS: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  ART PRINTS: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  LUCITE TRAY: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  POUF: c/o Authentic Moroccan  //  TOWELS: c/o Serena and Lily

Happy Monday! I haven’t done any home updates here on the blog lately, so I’m super excited to start the week off by revealing a space in our house that’s been month’s in the making…our new guest room area, featuring the most comfortable mattress ever thanks to our friends at Mattress Firm (of course we had to try it out!). You may remember our master bedroom update from earlier this year that featured a new mattress that we absolutely love, and now we are so thrilled that our guests can sleep in heavenly comfort thanks to the Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plush we scooped up from Mattress Firm.

Click on the read more button below to see all the pretty little details in this blue and white bedroom space that we are so thrilled to have for our guests to stay in.

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5 Reasons Siblings Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

chocolate lab puppy pictures


RED SWEATSHIRT: Adidas //  BLACK HOODIE: Adidas  //  PINK SKIRT:  Topshop  //  DENIM SHORTS: similar Madeworn  //  PINK DOG SWEATSHIRT: Amazon  //  BLUE DOG SWEATSHIRT:  Amazon  //  GREY SNEAKERS: Adidas  //  WHITE SNEAKERS: Adidas


Happy Hump Day! Today is my little sister Tiffany’s birthday, but both my sister and my little brother, Jayson, have September birthdays, so I thought it would be the perfect time to show a little sibling love here on the blog. Having been an only child for a mere two years of my life, I both literally and figuratively couldn’t imagine my life without my siblings. The three of us have had our ups and downs, but we have always been extremely close through it all and they’ve had such a huge impact on my life and who I am today. So in honor of my sibs, today I’m sharing five reasons why siblings are simply the best!!

Whether you’re a sister like me who’s going through a tough time with your sibling (hey, I’ve been there) or you’re a parent thinking about adding another addition, click through to read my top 5 reasons why siblings are one of God’s greatest gifts!!

Side Note – no, our puppies haven’t shrunk. The other reason I simply had to share this post is because another set of siblings who very much love each other, my puppy Lady and my parent’s puppy Shadow, look so darn cute in these photos and I don’t know how or why I never shared them before! These were taken all the way back in February so they were just two months old. Ahh – where has time gone?!

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