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Our Guest Bedroom Reveal

blue and white bedroom decor


MATTRESS: c/o Mattress Firm Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plush //  BEDDING: Anthropologie  //  RUG: c/o Rugs USA  //  LAMPS: Safavieh  //  HEADBOARD: Willa Arlo  //  BAR CART: c/o The Barcartist  //  BLUE & WHITE THROW PILLOWS: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  ART PRINTS: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  LUCITE TRAY: c/o Shelby Dillon  //  POUF: c/o Authentic Moroccan  //  TOWELS: c/o Serena and Lily

Happy Monday! I haven’t done any home updates here on the blog lately, so I’m super excited to start the week off by revealing a space in our house that’s been month’s in the making…our new guest room area, featuring the most comfortable mattress ever thanks to our friends at Mattress Firm (of course we had to try it out!). You may remember our master bedroom update from earlier this year that featured a new mattress that we absolutely love, and now we are so thrilled that our guests can sleep in heavenly comfort thanks to the Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plush we scooped up from Mattress Firm.

Click on the read more button below to see all the pretty little details in this blue and white bedroom space that we are so thrilled to have for our guests to stay in.

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5 Reasons Siblings Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened To You

chocolate lab puppy pictures


RED SWEATSHIRT: Adidas //  BLACK HOODIE: Adidas  //  PINK SKIRT:  Topshop  //  DENIM SHORTS: similar Madeworn  //  PINK DOG SWEATSHIRT: Amazon  //  BLUE DOG SWEATSHIRT:  Amazon  //  GREY SNEAKERS: Adidas  //  WHITE SNEAKERS: Adidas


Happy Hump Day! Today is my little sister Tiffany’s birthday, but both my sister and my little brother, Jayson, have September birthdays, so I thought it would be the perfect time to show a little sibling love here on the blog. Having been an only child for a mere two years of my life, I both literally and figuratively couldn’t imagine my life without my siblings. The three of us have had our ups and downs, but we have always been extremely close through it all and they’ve had such a huge impact on my life and who I am today. So in honor of my sibs, today I’m sharing five reasons why siblings are simply the best!!

Whether you’re a sister like me who’s going through a tough time with your sibling (hey, I’ve been there) or you’re a parent thinking about adding another addition, click through to read my top 5 reasons why siblings are one of God’s greatest gifts!!

Side Note – no, our puppies haven’t shrunk. The other reason I simply had to share this post is because another set of siblings who very much love each other, my puppy Lady and my parent’s puppy Shadow, look so darn cute in these photos and I don’t know how or why I never shared them before! These were taken all the way back in February so they were just two months old. Ahh – where has time gone?!

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What Is Face Serum And Why You Should Use It

clarins double serum reviewSHOP THE POST

SERUM: c/o Clarins  //  ROBE: c/o Louvelle  //  VASE: c/o MacKenzie-Childs  //  MONOGRAM NECKLACES: c/o Brook and York  //  CANNISTERS: c/o MacKenzie-Childs  // GLASSES: similar Derek Lam  //  PILLOW: Clever Carriage

Perhaps it’s the effects of soaking up so much sun over the summer (or the fact that I’m officially in my upper-20’s), but you may have noticed that I’ve been talking a lot about skincare here on the blog lately. Noticing those fine lines on my skin clearly has me implementing some new things into my beauty routine for the better! That’s why I’m so excited to team up with Clarins to introduce you to an anti-aging product that’s pure magic for women of all ages and skin types, and to answer the question so many of us have…what is face serum and how does it fit into a daily beauty routine?

Click through to read more about Clarins Double Serum – the most powerful anti-aging face serum Clarins has produced to date and find out how to add serum into your daily beauty routine and kiss those fine lines and wrinkles goodbye! Read More

My Daily Skincare Routine

womens late 20s skin care routine


CLEANSER: c/o Dermatologist Choice PH Balance Cleanser   //  CLEANSING PADS: c/o Dermatologist Choice Glycolic Peel Cleansing Pads  //  MOISTURIZER:// Dermatologist Choice Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer SPF 35   //  MASK: c/o Dermatologist Skincare Deep Cleaning Facial Mask  //  ROBE:  //  MONOGRAM NECKLACES: c/o Brook and York  //  CHAIR: c/o MacKenzie-Childs  //  BUTTERFLY JARS: c/o MacKenzie-Childs  //  TOWELS: c/o Serena and Lily  //  RUG: c/o FLOR //  POUF: c/o Authentic Moroccan


If there’s one thing my later 20’s have taught me so far, it’s the importance of skincare. With a normal-to-dry skin type, I was fortunate enough to not have to worry much about acne in my teenage and early-20 years, so skincare was something I always put on the back burner. Flash forward to now, and those fine lines I see every time I look into the makeup mirror are giving me nightmares (literally…last night I had a dream that I forgot SPF on one part of my body and I had a giant sunburn!) As someone who used to frequently alter their skincare routine and go to bed with my makeup on, it was hard at first to adopt a skincare routine. Thankfully, blogging has introduced me to some amazing skincare brands like Dermatologist Choice. Today I’m teaming up with this amazing, dermatologist-recommended skincare brand to share my daily skincare routine.

PS – use code VANDISUNSCREEN to receive 50% off their Sunscreen Enhanced Moisturizer for all of your end-of-summer trips and early fall football games!

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Girl Talk – The Three Letter Word…UTI

uti treatments and preventions

Time for a little girl talk sesh here on the blog. This time, I’m talking about that three-letter word we all love to hate, but don’t necessarily love to talk about: UTI’s. As a sister, a daughter and a friend, I know I’m not alone when I say that this very painful issue has affected me. In fact, it’s something I’ve struggled with my entire life, many times because I simply didn’t feel comfortable talking about it. But to that I say no more! Ladies – it’s time we shattered the stigma and prioritized our urinary health by opening the conversation about bladder and UTI infections and tackling them!

 Today I’m so excited to partner up with AZO so I can open up that conversation with you all by sharing my personal battle with urinary health and how their amazing line of products have helped not only reduce the pain of these pesky infections, but helped to protect against future UTI’s.

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