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VF HEART-TO-HEART: My Blog Journey + Blogging Advice

fall 2017 outfit idea

Happy Thursday friends!! As I sit at my desk trying to tackle my 150+ emails in my inbox, confirming holiday brand collaborations, signing contracts and doing all of the other things that allow me to make my blog a business (which I am absolutely grateful beyond words for!), I came across the sweetest email from a young girl who shares the same passions as I do…

“I am 14 years old and my mom showed me your Instagram! I thought it was amazing! I absolutely loved it; I am very interested in doing the same thing or something similar to what you’re doing! I was wondering how you got started and if you had any suggestions for me! I absolutely LOVE fashion and I love to write as well!” -Gracie

As I began writing back to her, I had to pause for a moment. While my blog is now also my way of making an income, at the heart of it all, it is the fruition of the same dream I had when I was Gracie’s age. Because I am a “yes” person (and an extreme optimist who, at times, believes there is infinite hours in the day), I often find myself with little time or room in my editorial calendar to write about things on a whim, to share spur-of-the-moment thoughts on the happenings in my life and this world, and most of all, to answer questions and directly connect with YOU, the people who actually allow me to make my dream a reality each and every day (and who I am also SO extremely grateful for!!)

So thank you, sweet Gracie, for your email that not only turned around my morning, but has inspired me to create a new series on the blog in which I can get back to writing from the heart, without any sponsorships or affiliate links.

So here it goes, my first-ever heart-to-heart with you all.

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