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As you may or may not know, in two months I’ll be running my third half marathon at the happiest place on earth. Since this isn’t my first run-rodeo, I know that a successful race requires training AND healthy eating. While cooking healthy meals for Cole and I at home is easy to do, the one thing that always gets me is snacks. Chips and queso, chips and guacamole, spinach and artichoke dip…you name it! This girl is addicted to salty snacks, which usually come in forms that are all sorts of unhealthy. So you can imagine my excitement to discover Harvest Snaps – a low calorie, high protein snack that makes healthy snaking a snap!

Click through to find out how Harvest Snaps is helping me successfully train for my upcoming marathon and pick up healthier snacking habits in my daily life.

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LIP STAIN: Juice Beauty PHYTO-PIGMENTS Liquid Lip in Apple   //  TOP: Ten Sixty Sherman Cold Shoulder Tee  //  BUTTON UP: Topshop Alex Gingham Shirt  //  JACKET: Nordstrom //  JEANS: One Teaspoon Destroyed Jeans  //  SANDALS: Steve Madden  //  SUNNIES: Ray Ban

Fall is practically here, and now that you’ve added a few new pairs of boots and sweaters to your wardrobe, it’s time to brush up on your beauty staples too! Today I’m teaming up with my friends over at Juice Beauty to show you three must-have fall lip shades to fall for and outfits to go with them. 

Read on to see how I accented this fall look + two others with shades from Juice Beauty’s amazing lip stains and glosses.

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ROOT CONCEALER: Back2Blonde Temporary Root Concealer Spray  //  DRESS: J.O.A. Scallop Mini Dress  //  CLUTCH: Sew Sara R Lobstah Roll Clutch //  SUNNIES: Nordstrom Heart Shaped Sunglasses   //  EARRINGS: White Elephant Boutique  //  SANDALS: Zooshoo Fringe Sandals  //  WATCH: Tory Burch Izzie Square Watch

Calling all my blondie’s – today I’m talking about a new must-have beauty product that I’m all heart eyes over – EVERPRO’s Back2Blonde temporary root concealer. This is a blonde’s new BFF, y’all! I started highlighting my hair way back in the seventh grade, so the true color of my hair is now a mystery, but I do know it’s gotten quite a bit darker, thanks to those pesky dark roots that show up about 5-6 weeks after my last hair appointment. The trouble is, sometimes us girl’s are on-the-go and don’t have time to squeeze in an appointment before a big event or trip, or your go-to hair gal (mine happens to be my aunt, who’s amazing!) might be booked up! Now there’s a solution to those OMGosh dark roots moments thanks to the Back2Blonde temporary root concealer. 

Read on to see how this amazing new product works mini miracles for blondie’s like me!

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As unique as every person is, we all share at least one thing in common:  we all have goals in life and we all desire to make them a reality. Today, I’ve teamed up with my friends at Dallas Community Colleges to talk about how I made my dreams come true (and no, it doesn’t involve wishing on stars — as much as I would love that!)

Trust me, I still have my good and my bad days, but at 26 years old, I truly feel as though I am living my dream, and I can trace it all back to one defining moment in my life: pursuing higher education. My four years at the University of Texas at Austin (with the help of several online courses I also took at Dallas Community College) truly transformed my life and what the future had in store for it.

Read on to read the story of how I got to where I am today and the role that my higher education played in that.

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vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-7vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-8vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-98vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-10 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-6 vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-3vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-5vandi-fair-blog-lauren-vandiver-dallas-texas-southern-fashion-beauty-hair-blogger-bellami-extensions-bellissima-22-inch-ash-blonde-clip-in-haircare-1

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed (unless you read the entirety of my giant captions) my hair seemingly grew overnight. No I don’t have magic golden hair like Rapunzel (but a girl can dream, right?), but today I’m going to let you in on my secret to longer, thicker hair:  Bellami clip-in hair extensions! My new Bellami clip-in hair extensions give me magic golden (more like ash blonde) hair everyday and I love them! SIDE NOTE (in case you don’t wanna read to the bottom of this post) you can get $5 off your set of Bellami hair extensions with code VANDIFAIR at checkout!

What many people don’t understand about extensions is that you don’t have to go to a salon and pay $$$ to get them permanently put in every other month. Thanks to Bellami, you can get longer and/or thicker hair every day by simply clipping in some of their 100% natural human hair extensions (I know the human hair things sounds a bit weird but I promise you’ll love them – they’re like the super soft, tangle-free hair you’ve always dreamed of!).

If you look at the photos above, you can see the natural length of my hair and thickness (or should I say thin-ness?) at the top. I have naturally super fine, straight hair that I have colored since middle school, so it’s hard to get my hair much longer than it is now without it breaking off (it’s just the price I pay to be blonde!) These clip-in extensions allow me to get the fuller, longer hair I’ve always dreamed of when I want to dress up, but are easy enough to take off before I go to bed or for days when a messy top bun is necessary.

Bellami offers all sorts of hair lengths and colors in their extension sets, so let me tell you a little bit about mine and how I’m wearing them in the above photos. Since I was looking for both length and fullness, I went with the 22 inch length in ash blonde. The set comes with 10 clip in pieces, ranging from small, 1.5 inch wefts to large 8 inch wefts and everything you need in-between. Since my hair is so naturally fine, I’m actually only wearing 1/2 of the amount of wefts offered in each hair extension package because I didn’t want to make it look too drastic or unnatural, but to show you the effect, I’ll do an outfit post soon where I wear all of them (it’s SO much hair y’all!).

I went for the ash blonde shade because over the summer I’ve shifted the color of my hair from golden to a bit more silver/ash-toned. The extensions didn’t match perfectly when they arrived in the mail, but not to fear! A simple application of some toner from your beauty store will make them more silver-toned if your hair is closer to my color.

You can see how simple it is to put the hair extensions in with the above photos. Simply using your index fingers or a fine tooth comb, separate a horizontal line of your hair at the nape of your neck and clip up the remaining hair on the top of your head. Then, simply take the largest weft of your extension set and clip them across your head. Repeat these steps with several or all of the wefts. Personally, I use one 8 inch weft on the very bottom, one 7 inch weft above that and one 6 inch weft above that, then I use all 4 of the individual 1.5 inch wefts on either side of my head to even out my hair length. It literally takes me 5-10 minutes to put them in, and voila! I have magic, Rapunzel-like hair.

Don’t forget, you can get $5 off your purchase of Bellami hair extensions with code VANDIFAIR. Whether you want them to add length or fullness to your hair, I promise you will love them!


HAIR EXTENSIONS: Bellami Bellissima 22 Inch Ash Blonde Extensions  //  DRESS: Sanctuary Clothing Spring Fling Raceback Slipdress //  LONG NECKLACE: Moon and Lola  //  MONOGRAM NECKLACE: BaubleBar  //  WEDGES: similar here

Fair-well xx,