How To Style Unfit Denim

lace up crop jeans


CROPPED JEANS: Topshop – on sale!  //  STRIPED TOP: similar Project Social T  //  CROSSBODY BAG: Kate Spade New York  //  MINNIE MOUSE KEY CHAIN: Kate Spade New York  //  SANDALS: similar Vince Camuto  //  BANDANA: Madewell  //  SUNNIES: Prada  //  MICKEY MOUSE PATCH: Etsy

Just when we thought skinny jeans were here to stay forever, a revolution has begun in the world of women’s denim. That’s right, y’all – skinny jeans are on their way out (but not quite yet, so keep wearing ’em for now!) to make room for their opposite counterpart – unfit denim. From crop flare jeans like the pair I’m styling today (which happen to be on sale, I might add) and denim with extra ruffled flair like the pair I styled here, to straight leg, mom-style jeans (I have a pair of those to style on the way!) and the welcomed return of the boyfriend jean, denim has taken a turn for the unfit and frankly, I’m loving it!!

Click on the read more button below to get the full scoop on why I’m all heart eyes over these crop flare jeans (I’ve also linked more styles for you to shop in the post!) and how to style them for a fresh and chic look this fall.

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Ladies…get ready to give your legs some breathing room (after all these years, they deserve it!) it’s time to swap a few pairs of your skinnies for some unfit denim. While there are several styles of denim that fit into the unfit category, today I’m styling crop flare denim. In case the extra bells and whistles on this pair (like the lace up waist) aren’t your cup of tea, I’ve linked to more crop flare jeans for you to peruse below.



So I know what you’re thinking…how do you even begin to style unfit denim?! For years, skinny jeans have been a closet staple, and you probably have a pair in every wash and color of the rainbow. Along with the skinny jeans trend came the influx of loose, flowy tops in every pattern and color top that you could seamlessly pop on over your skinny jeans. The truth is, those tops aren’t going to cut it with your new unfit denim, but don’t fret…I guarantee you that there are some tops in your closet that will work!! 😉

There are several types of tops you can style with unfit denim, you just need to be sure of one of two things:

1 – the top stops at the waist or accentuates the waist. OR… 2 – the top has tuck-ability.

This is especially true when it comes styling denim that flares or ruffles at the hem, like the crop flare pair you see in the photos above. Because the denim is already so loose and voluminous, you need a top that balances the act and gives you a waist. For example, the ribbed black and white top I’m styling today is perfect to pop on beneath this pair of mega flared crop jeans because it can easily be tucked in. But skin tight ribbed tees is so not everyone’s thing, so there are several other options that would work, which I listed below.


1 – A Casual Tee

This is so simple to style with any of the styles of unfit denim. Whether an edgy graphic tee or a solid tee in the color of your choice, simply pop it on with your unfit denim, but be sure to either tuck the tee or knot it at the waist. Bonus points if you pop over a


2 – A Top That Stops at The Waist

Here’s a good example of a top that stops at the waist that I styled with ruffled denim so you know what kind of tops I’m referring to. Many of the tops with ruffled or flared sleeves or extra embellishments stop at the waist so you don’t have to worry about tucking them in.


3 – A Classic Collared Button Up

These closet staples work perfectly with the unfit denim, whether you tuck it in and pop on a belt or do the undone half tuck trick, button ups pair perfectly with unfit jeans.


4 – A Top That Ties at The Waist or Peplum

Don’t throw out your peplums just yet. While this style of top worked perfectly with skinny jeans, it also looks adorable with unfit denim and here’s why…it gives you a waistline!! The same goes for longer tops or belted ponchos/capes.


Stay tuned for more fall denim inspiration and tips as we swap our skinnies for the unfit.


PS – told ya I’d be styling more Disney-inspired outfits on the blog. See them all here!

Fair-well xx,

–Photography by Angie Garcia Photography.

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