8 Things To Do On Your Days at Sea With Princess Cruises

cruise ship activities

Happy Friday friends! In the spirit of the weekend, today I’ve decided to take my experiences from my two cruises with Princess Cruises to talk about all of the amazing things you can on your cruise do without ever stepping off the ship! In case you have a cruise planned in 2018 (and if you don’t, this cold winter weekend would be the perfect time to cuddle up on the couch and do just that!), here’s a list of the top cruise ship activities you can enjoy during your days at sea on your Princess Cruise. Click on the read more button below to read all eight.

cruise ship activities cruise ship activities

princess cruises ruby stateroom balcony

1 – Start Your Day With a Little Breakfast in Bed

Since your days at sea will likely be rushed with a quick stop at the breakfast buffet before you head off to your excursions, you’ll definitely want to indulge in some leisurely breakfast inside your room during your days at sea. Whether your opt for a full on Ultimate Balcony Breakfast like we did during our Alaskan cruise or you use the little doorknob menu for a continental breakfast delivered at the time of your choice, you absolutely must have a day where you take it easy and enjoy breakfast from the comfort of your room.

TIP – be sure to take a day to stop and enjoy a latte and almond croissant at the International Cafe on board the ship. They have the absolute best coffee on the ship and I’m confident when I say their croissants are the best I’ve ever eaten!



cruise ship activities

ruby princess piazza2 – Pack a Fancy Dress and Suit and Attend The Captain’s Welcome on Formal Night

On both our Alaskan cruise and the Western Caribbean cruise, there was a a Captain’s Welcome Party on the promenade of the ship on the first full day at sea. This also happened to be the formal  night, where everyone on the ship dresses up in fancy dresses and suits for dinner and after-dinner activities. It’s such a fun time to dress up with your family and/or friends and get great photo opps too! What’s even better?! The party includes a giant champagne waterfall (with a champagne glass included for everyone who attends) so you can enjoy a little sip as your introduced to the captain and his crew throughout the party. Also, there’s live music so be ready to dance!



cruise ship activities

cruise ship activities

3 – Treat Yo-self at The Lotus Spa

On each of our cruises, we were lucky enough to be treated to the most amazing massages at the Lotus Spa. I highly recommend doing this on one of your last days at sea, so yo can go home feeling extra relaxed and rejuvenated.



cruise ship activities

4 – Enjoy The Most Delicious Pizza and Ice Cream All Day Everyday

It wasn’t long after my first cruise with Princess that I discovered the complimentary pizza and ice cream stand just outside of the main pool area on the ship (and y that I mean I was there within the first hour of boarding). The pizza is SO good y’all…whether you stop by for an early lunch or a midnight snack, and the soft serve chocolate and vanilla ice cream is amazing too! Both Cole and I and my sister and me were frequent visitors at the pizzeria.


cruise ship activitiesruby princess stern of ship

5 – Soak Up The Sun on The Deck

Whether you just want to enjoy some good ole’ vitamin D or you want to up your summer tan on your cruise, when it comes to finding spots to soak up on the sun on your cruise ship. From the bow to the stern, you’ll find endless locations to enjoy the sunshine, each with spectacular views.

ruby princess pool hot tub

cruise ship activities

6 – Cozy Up and Relax in the Hot Tub

Whether you’re on a colder weather cruise like our 7-day Alaskan cruise or you’re somewhere tropical like we were on our 5-day Western Caribbean cruise, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the numerous hot tubs on board your Princess cruise ship. It was the perfect way to warm up and take in the gorgeous views from the ship while Cole and I were sailing in Alaska while Tiffany and I enjoyed watching the sunset from a hot tub in the back of the ship on our Western Caribbean cruise.


cruise ship activities7 – Indulge in a Little Wine Tasting

One of the newest things that Princess Cruises is offering is amazing Wine Tasting and Blending classes. In our tastings, each of us were offered four glasses of red varietal wines meant for mixing, from cabernet to merlot, along with some complimentary treats that complimented the wines. From there, an expert sommelier took us through the process of wine blending and we got to mix some up ourselves and try it! This was so much fun on our cruise and we learned so much about the wine blending process and how to taste wine in general.


cruise ship activities cruise ship activities8 – Enjoy an Endless Course Dinner at Chef’s Table

This was probably one of my favorite on board experiences ever. If you’re a foodie or enjoy eating, cooking, drinking in any way (which is probably 100% of people), you MUST sign up for the Chef’s Table experience on one of your cruises. Your experience will begin with a behind the scenes tour of the Princess kitchens (you will be amazed at all of the work that goes into preparing the amazing food on board!) where you will enjoy your first several courses. But make sure you don’t fill up – because the main courses await you in the dining room, and every course is more delicious than the next. It was so cool to be able to dine with the Princess chefs and get a behind the scenes at the magic they work on the ship everyday, and the food couldn’t have been more delicious.

To see all of the details from my adventures with Princess Cruises, click here.

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**Thanks so much to Princess Cruises for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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    January 25, 2018 at 8:25 am

    I’ve never been on a cruise before and I’v always been curious about what to do on the ship!! Loved this post and your outfits are all so cute!! Thanks for sharing! -Lindsay

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      Lauren Vandiver
      January 25, 2018 at 11:30 am

      You MUST go on one!! The two I went on with Princess last year were my first ever and now I’m hooked! It’s the best way to travel!!

      Thanks so much for the love!!


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