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YOGURT: Chobani Flip Cups  //  RED COAT: similar Halogen  // CHUNKY KNIT SCARF: similar Sole Society //  STRIPED TURTLENECK: J. Crew  //  SKINNY JEANS: Joes Jeans  //  YELLOW RAIN BOOTS: Hunter  //  BOOTS SOCKS: Hunter  //  RED SUNGLASSES: similar Le Specs  //  EMBELLISHED BEANIE: BP. //  HEART EARRINGS: similar Frasier Sterling 


With 2018 just around the corner, it’s never too early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions (if not just to make yourself feel a little less guilty about going back for seconds or thirds at your Christmas parties!) One of the things that always tops my list is to make choices that are a little healthy and one easy place to start is by swapping your snacks out for healthier options. Luckily, Chobani’s lineup of Flip yogurt flavors offer just that without skipping out on any delicious flavor.

Click through to read more about how Chobani is helping me start one of my biggest 2018 resolutions early, plus take a peek at the yogurt brand’s fun and colorful new look (which I am LOVING!! healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults healthy snack ideas for adults

First and foremost, let’s talk about the playful new facelift that my favorite healthy snacks have taken on. You’ll find the same amazing taste and fresh flavors, but the packing across your favorite Chobani yogurt products, including Chobani Flip, are as colorful and delightful as ever. The next time you head over to your local grocery store to replenish your fridge with your favorite Chobani Flip flavors, be sure to look out for this fresh and fun new packaging featuring bold colors and bright, delicious shapes (I have a feeling they’ll catch your eye whether you’re on the lookout or not!) You can read all about the new Chobani here!

Earlier this year I talked about how Chobani helped me start a healthy eating lifestyle regimen years ago, but today I’m talking about how their delicious line of Flip Greek Yogurt flavors are helping me plan for the future. Cole and I will be celebrating two years of marriage in just a couple of weeks (we had a NYE wedding!) and with that celebration and the new year in mind, we’ve been talking about the possibility of growing our little fam bam in 2018 (and not just with more fur babies!) With that in mind, Cole and I have both decided to make 2018 our healthiest year yet, and that starts from the inside, by eating food that’s packed with good-for-you, nutritious ingredients, without skipping out on the flavor, of course. Rumor has it that growing your family can bring on the strongest of snack cravings, so you know this girl will be stocking her fridge with Chobani Flip flavors that have all the crunchy, sweet and salty yumminess I crave without any of the guilt.

Who knows which of the dozens of flavor-packed options I’ll be craving in 2018, but I can tell which are my current go-to’s. Chobani Flip Apple Crisp Twist combines apple cinnamon low fat yogurt with spiced walnuts, cinnamon crunch and glazed pie crust pieces…YUM! It totally reminds me of one of my fave cereals as a child and completely satisfies my cravings for a little apple pie a la mode (but with like 1/10 of the calories!!) Next on my current list of faces is the Chobani Flip Salted Caramel Crunch, which satisfies my salty-sweet cravings, combining caramel low-fat yogurt with salted pretzels, chocolate and praline pecans…SO GOOD!!
Whether you’re planning to grow your family like us or want to invest some time and TLC in your personal health, the new year is a great time to start and Chobani’s line of Flip Greek Yogurt Snacks are certain to keep you on track without skimping out on any of your snack cravings.

Fair-well xx,

Photography by Angie Garcia photo

**Thanks so much to Chobani for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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    December 23, 2017 at 7:11 am

    EEK so exciting!! Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for you and Cole! These snacks look delicious 🙂

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