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While the end of the holiday season is always a bit sad (I can’t let go, y’all – the Christmas tree is still up!), the New Year always brings a hopeful sense of new beginnings. Having an NYE anniversary especially makes the new year feel like a milestone, so for our first anniversary and New Year together, Cole and I decided to sit down together and write out our New Year’s resolutions. Today I’m SO excited to partner with my friends at Harvest Snaps to share our New Year’s resolutions with you all and hopefully inspire you to do the same (it’s not too late – Cole and I actually waited a week after NYE to physically write them down!)

Click on the read more button below to read about how Cole and I are going to make 2017 our best year yet with five of our top resolutions + find out how Harvest Snaps is making one of my biggest resolutions a snap. 😉

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 1. Eat Healthy & Get Cooking

Eating healthy is one of my biggest resolutions for 2017. I’m not implying that I need to lose weight, but I want to adopt a diet that’s wholesome and good for my body, and Harvest Snaps is helping me do that without depriving myself of the salty, crunchy goodness that I so often crave. 2016 was an amazing year, but it was a crazy busy one, and Cole and I often opted for Grubhub and takeout over cooking our own meals (literally, like 5 times a week or more!) Months of that can certainly take a toll on your body, so this year, I’m focusing on eating well, without feeling like I’m dieting. That’s where Harvest Snaps comes in. You may recall a post I did about how much I LOVE Harvest Snaps last year.  This year, they are helping me achieve one of my biggest resolutions with their amazing selection of salty, nutritious snacks so I can indulge my saltiest, crunchiest cravings without the yucky additives, trans fat in traditional salty snacks.With flavors like Snapea Crisps Caesar, Lentil Bean Tomato Basil and Black Bean Mango Chile, I can indulge in all of my fave savory snacks, guilt-free. And it doesn’t just stop at snacking. I’m also making it a goal to get back in the kitchen and get cooking this year! I actually LOVE to cook but since it can be time-consuming and rather messy, I literally just quit doing it all together last year. In 2017, the cook is back in the kitchen, and I’m resolving to make a few more changes in my other resolutions that will help get me there. As Harvest Snaps says, “it’s what’s inside that counts,” so I’m starting my 2017 resolutions from the inside out by exchanging our fast food diet for a wholesome-but-still-delicious one.

2. Be Present & Find Work/Life Balance

This is another huge resolution for me this year. As any blogger or small business owner would know, running your own little brand is an absolute dream, but it takes a lot of time, work and energy to make it a success. There were times in 2016 that I skipped out on girl’s nights or missed out on special time Cole and I could be spending together because I was cooped up in my office working until after midnight and on the weekends. With five of my best friends along with my cousin, Cole’s cousin and more of our family friends getting married this year and all of the bachelorette parties, showers and special, once-in-a-lifetime events that come along with them, I’m making it my number one priority to achieve a sense of work/life balance and live in the moment this year. One of the things I’ve done to help achieve that goal is hire an assistant, and my sister, Tiffany (who will be making an appearance here on the blog soon!) was the perfect candidate. I’ve spent the last few weeks getting her up to speed on the bloggy blog world, and already, she’s making a world of a difference.

3. Get Active

I had the amazing experience of running in two back-to-back half marathons last year at my two favorite places in the world (Walt Disney World and Disneyland), but I have to be 100% honest: running them was hard, y’all. And it’s because I didn’t take the time to properly train before. I absolutely LOVE running. It’s my favorite form of exercise, and one I used to do daily during my lunch break when I worked a 9-5 (we had a gym at our office!), but now that I’m running my own business, when it comes to choosing whether I should take an hour break to run or work through that hour, I always chose the latter. No more! This year, Cole and I have agreed to take time each day to get outside and either walk or run. Not only is it good for our bodies to be active, but the fresh air is also really nice too, plus it give us some time to chat every day (because when a big game, The Bachelor, or Game of Thrones is on, the conversation is kept to a minimum in our house!) This is a resolution that our furbaby Lucky is super excited about too, and after just a few days of putting this goal into action, he’s already guilt-tripping by waiting at the door for his evening walk/run, which bring me to my next resolution.

4. Grow Our Family

Nope, this isn’t a baby announcement (although we haven’t 100% ruled that out for this year), but we do know that we are growing our family by at least one furbaby this year. If you follow me on instagram, you may know that our yellow labrador Lucky and his girlfriend, a black labrador named Marley, had puppies at the end of last year. After unexpectedly getting to take care of them just two days fater they were born for a couple of weeks, I’m well-aware that puppies are a handful! Nonetheless, we are SO excited to officially adopt a new furball family member into our home in just a few weeks, and having a bigger family already has us thinking about some changes we want to make in our home and lifestyle. The inkling of an idea that we may even grow our family (or begin the process!) by one more puts our entire lives in a whole new light, and with that in our mind this year, there will be lots of changes to come, including…

5. Get Packed & Get Organized

Cole and I will be buying our first home this year and we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve been renting a home that we absolutely love since we got married, and we’ve finally decided it’s the right time to settle into a long term home and community. It may not come as a shocker, but this girl is not the most organized of people (total type B over here), and blogging comes with a lot of…stuff. Before we move, packing is going to be a huge effort for Cole and I because we’ve managed to accumulate SO many things in the last year of living here (literally, we’re busting at the seams). Once we do get all packed and ready, one of the biggest things for me in our new home is to get super organized, especially since my office is located at home. Thankfully, my sister/assistant is more of the organizer, so I’ll have her to help me along the way.

Wishing everyone a happy 2017!

Fair-well xx,


**Thanks so much to Harvest Snaps for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

-Photography by Angie Garcia Photography.

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