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COAT: similar Topshop  //  SHIRT: Topshop  //  SCARF: Asos  //  LEGGINGS: Hue  //  BELT: c/o Raina Belts  //  BEANIE: similar BP.  //  SUNNIES: Prada  //  BOOTIES: similar Nordstrom //  BAG: Rebecca Minkoff – 30% off  //  WALLET: Kelly Wynne 

I can picture the all-too-familiar scenario now: the waiter brings the bill and says, “we don’t accept split checks”. Somebody at the table bites the bullet and pays the tab with the promise of getting paid back from 12 college girls, followed by a night of drinking and partying on sixth street. This was my college weekend routine. My group of girl friends were amazing about taking turns on paying the bill, but dishing out $300+ at once was a lot for a college student (and frankly, still is today!) And trying to remember exactly what each girl owed + finding an ATM the following day proved another challenge (and one that wasn’t always successful!)

Lucky for today’s college girl’s and gal pals all over the world, there’s Square Cash – an app that allows you to request or send funds for FREE! Not only is it free, it’s SO easy too. Click on the read more button below to learn about how Square Cash is making splitting the tab easy.

square-cash-easy-payment-phone-appsquare-cash-app-reviewleopard-coat-mustard-yellow-scarf-fall-outfitsole-society-pom-knit-beanie-hat dallas-fashion-bloggersquare-cash-send-money-free prada-retro-52mm-sunglasses-blackhue-leatherette-faux-leather-leggings-blackNow I know what you’re thinking…you already use another app for this very reason. But Square Cash isn’t the same. They doesn’t charge any fees for personal use, and charge just 2.75% per transaction for business use. Think of all the money you could save in fees!

Not only is Square Cash cheaper to use (since it’s like, free!), the interface also makes it super easy to use. As you can see in the photos above, the app design is super minimal, with a simple color scheme, large fonts and nothing to distract you. After you set up your account, when you open the app, the green screen with the dollar sign immediately greets you, and all you have to do is simply enter the dollar amount and select whether you’re need to “request” or “pay”. It then syncs up with your contact list on your phone so you can find all of your besties and send or request $$. Oh how I wish this app were available when I was in college! 

What I also love is that you can even turn your blu tooth on to automatically find people nearby. So if you’re at a meeting with a client or colleague and don’t have their number, it will pop up for you. I just love apps that make our lives easier!

Side note over here – I SO wish this app was available during my brief one-year serial dating phase. I always felt so awful after a first date when I knew there wouldn’t be a second and he wouldn’t let me split the tab. Just think of the awkward texts I wouldn’t have lost sleep over if Square Cash was around! 

You can download the Square Cash app on your iPhone or Android in the app store!

**Thanks so much to Square Cash for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

-Photography by the wonderful Angie Garcia Photography.

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