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UNDERWEAR: c/o Hanes Cool Comfort Cotton Sporty Hipster Panties

It’s time for a little real talk, y’all. If you live in Texas or anywhere in the South like me, you know that when it comes to dressing for late spring and summer, keeping cool and comfortable is the name of the game. I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to team up with my friends at Hanes to talk about how to find your comfydence this summer with their Cool Comfort Cotton Sporty Hipster Panties.

Now dubbed “granny panties“, it seems that underwear that provides full coverage has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and it’s time to change all that nonsense, ladies! While I understand that for some clothing, panty line-free, thong underwear are necessary, I am ALL about keeping it comfortable and opting for panties with full coverage anytime I can! That’s why I’m loving Hanes Cool Comfort cotton panties!!! Not only are they crazy comfy and keep you cool in the summer heat, but they’re also pretty cute! I love the sporty, fashion-forward look of them and the Cool Comfort wicking fabric is SO lightweight and comfortable for the summer months! Today I’m showing you how you can get away with not only wearing full coverage underwear in your everyday life, but showing them off too! 😉

sincerely-jules-breakfast-in-bed-tee hanes-comfortable-womens-cool-underwear ripped-boyfriend-jeans-tee-and-heels-outfit ripped-boyfriend-jeans hanes-cool-comfort-underwear-with-boyfriend-jeans how-to-style-boyfriend-jeans ripped-boyfriends-jeans-and-heels-outfit dallas-fashion-blogger comfortable-underwear-for-women hanes-comfortable-womens-underwear vandi-fair black-quilted-chanel-chain-strap-bag

From the athleisure movement to the I’m-wearing-my-boyfriend’s clothes trend, there are quite a few things happening in the fashion world that’s made dressing for women more comfortable, and I’m loving it!! Both of these trends can easily be interpreted to fit your own personal style, and since I’m a girly girl at heart,  I like to mix up my outfits by pairing sneakers with dresses or boyfriend jeans with heels like I did in this post.

While I swapped a number of my skinny jeans for the much more breathable, comfortable boyfriend jeans long ago, the idea that I could wear sporty, men’s-inspired panties not just as underwear, but even as outerwear, is a recent trend I’m definitely on board with. Let’s be honest – men have gotten to wear comfortable, breathable underwear for decades, and it’s time that we ladies say “no more!” to uncomfortable thongs all the time and put comfort first. If your underwear is uncomfortable, your entire outfit is uncomfortable, which can ultimately ruin your day – and no panty-line free look is worth that! Feeling comfortable means feeling more confident, and Hanes Cool Comfort panties can help you achieve comfydence while still looking stylish. Whether you’re a girl boss, a momma or a fashionista, every woman deserves to put comfort first without sacrificing style. And if you’re feeling a little edgy and daring, don’t be afraid to show them off like I did!

I’d love to know – what is your favorite outfit that helps you achieve comfydence?

Fair-well xx,

**Thanks so much to Hanes for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. 

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